Candlestick Star

Candlestick Star

There are six basic candlestick star patterns that a trader needs to be aware of. These are Evening Doji Star, Evening Star, Morning Doji Star, Morning Star, Shooting Star and Stars in general. Each one has its own definition and means something different than its brother.

Pay Attention because the candlestick star is your friend!

Evening star doji

Candlestick Star – Evening Doji Star – This usually appears in a three candle pattern. It signals a reversal of trend. It shows that the second candle starts higher than the previous days close and trends up but drops back down, before closing, to the days opening price.




Evening star

Candlestick Star – Evening Star – The first two candles are long, white bodies followed by a star. The star is the first hint of a top. The third candle confirms a top and completes the three-candle pattern of the evening star. The third candle is a black body that moves sharply into the first periods white real body. An evening star should have a gap between the first and second bodies and then another gap between the second and third.



Morning star doji

Candlestick Star – Morning Doji Star – This is a three candle bullish reversal pattern. The first candle is a long black candle followed by a gap and doji where the market opened lower than the previous days close. The final candle is a white body candle that closes above the mid point of the first candle.




Morning star

Candlestick Star – Morning Star – It is comprised of a tall, black body followed by a small body that gaps lower. The third day is a white body that moves well within the first candles black body. This pattern is a signal that the bulls have taken control. This indicates that the bears are in control with the downward trend. When the morning star appears, it means the sellers or bears are losing the battle to continue to drive the price lower.



Shooting star

Candlestick Star – Shooting Star – This is a one day or one candle pattern that usually appears in an upward trend. It opens higher, trades higher and then closes close to the open. This pattern is also called the Inverted Hammer. As with all stars, the color of the body is not important. A gap for this star is not always necessary.





Stars – A candle that gaps away from the previous candlestick. The previous candle can be either white or black. Depending on the color of the previous candle the star candle gaps up or down and gives the appearance of being isolated from the previous candle.

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